Trace My Trail 1.7

Is on the road with new features. The app for trekking is coming out with new options. Stay tuned and come back in few days…

What You Can Do

When You Can Use

Available for smartphone, iphone, tablet and ipad, Trace My Trail is developped thinking to have a friendly navigator while you exploring the world around you.

Do you want mark your territory? You want make a little guide for your city marking important point of interest or monuments? This app is what you need!

You can use for outdoor hiking but It’s not confined to hiking,  daily trekking, cycle tours, city tours are just few ways to use this app.

ipad iphone android gps tracker

Simple and Easy

Gps tracker android ios

With this trekking app you can see in real time your position, the time, the distance and the altitude of your outdoor trail.

The easy and intuitive interface is organized for a simple and quickly use. All is in your fake watches hand while you are recording and while you are playing a track.

In record state you can add quickly POI and INDICATION using the buttons available on the screen of this trekking app



Version for test purpose
0 nothing to pay 🙂

Limited features available for this vesion


  • 5 POI for each path
  • 5 INDICATION for each path
  • Max 3 Trails
  • Import gpx max 5 points (1.6)


Full version
€ 1.99 tax not included

Not limited features available for this vesion


  • unlimited POI for each path
  • unlimited INDICATION for each trail
  • unlimited Trails
  • Import gpx unlimited points (1.6)


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