Trace My Trail
Enjoy your outdoor trails using our app to save each track and share with your friends
Upload or download you trails and share them over internet to your friends
Receive alerts while you are walking and you are nearest some waypoint
Alexis Tanner
Alexis Tanner
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Great when cycling, trekking, even skiing. Accurate maps. Accurate speed recording (I checked it while driving the car). Keep up the good work, guys!
Karyn Nora
Karyn Nora
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Super ! Logical/pragmatic-it works! Clearly developed by a "doer" that knows our outdoor needs.
Eric Rose
Eric Rose
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This app has really helped make some forestry tasks easier for me.
Larine Natala
Larine Natala
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Very good application for tracking, especially the possibility to select the maps
Robinson Randy
Robinson Randy
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As a person who needs to learn new routes then repeat them many times this app is perfect tried many other app but all fell short.

Trace My Trail - We made app for trekking

Trace My Trail is an app for trekking to track on map using gps device your route while you go around with possibility to add Point Of Interest (Poi) and Direction (Dir) to play later and got alert when you arrive nears a Poi or Dir.

So Trace My Trail can be used for all of your outdoor activities like hiking, bicycle and motorcycle touring, boating, skiing, climbing or sheer driving fun, it can also be used for business.

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Best Hiking Trail App
  • Easy

    The easy and intuitive interface is organized for a simple and quickly use while you are recording and while you are playing a track.

  • intuitive

    With this trekking app you can see in real time your position, the time, the distance and the altitude of your outdoor trail.

  • Quickly

    In record state you can add quickly POI and INDICATION using the buttons available on the screen of this trekking app


trace my trail features

Record and Play your tracks on map

Enjoy your hike, switch on the app, start recording on the map and your trail will be tracked for future use on this trekking app. Get Outside today and use this app for your hiking sessions


App gps map outdoor track

Stay On Track

… you are on wrong path, you are near a Point Of Interest or a Direction, this will give you the possibility to be adviced in advance what to see in that place and which way take during your trekking session.


trace my trail editor

Plan/Modify your trekking path

My Trace my Trail make it easier to plan or modify your outdoor experience. Whether hiking, bike, trekking, MyTmt allow you to easily modify or plan your track to use with our App for trekking TraceMyTrail. We are giving full access to this tool if you buy the PRO version.



    Available for smartphone, iphone, tablet and ipad, Trace My Trail is developped thinking to have a friendly navigator while you exploring the world around you.


    Do you want mark your territory? You want make a little guide for your city marking important point of interest or monuments? This app is what you need!

  • Activities

    You can use for outdoor hiking but It’s not confined to hiking, daily trekking, cycle tours, city tours are just few ways to use this app.

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Pro Version

One Time Payment
Not recurring payment for use
  • All Features available

Free Version

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  • Limited Features