What to do before starting your excursion
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What to do before starting your excursion

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"Backpack ready for our excursion, track loaded on our app for trekking Trace My Trail, ready for departure ......" Many wonder if need to warm-up before starting an excursion. Let's…

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New Help Section

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Inside the Faq section we add also a series of video to let you understand how Trace My Trail work, give a look to those video and you will be…

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Are you planning to go outside for a trekking session? That's a good idea, hiking in winter is very nice and stay warm and dry while waking is very important…

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App for trekking
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App for trekking

Are you looking an app for trekking? Your smartphone can help you to track your outdoor hiking. What you can do with your smartphone and our app for hiking Trace…

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