We Made app for trekking

Enjoy you outdoor trails using our easy app

Trace my trail have a lot of features that will give you an incredible experience to record and play your trails, no matter how, with bike, walking, running in the car or others.

trace my trail features

Last added features


Now it is possible to login in to the app and create, upload and download your track between your device and Trace My Trail Server

Sats counter

Now you can check your device how many sats are contacting to get correct position


Now while you are recording a path you can share your live position with your friend sending them a link over useful applications


We add the gps accuracy option to give you a better and precise gps track.

SOS button

In this version we add a SOS button that give you the possibility to send SMS with your last position to your friend's contact.


We have integrated google speech to text engine to let you add title and desription without type on keyboard

General Features

USer inteface

Easy and clean user interface for a quickly use of the app


You can choise from Metric or Imperial System

Alert area

Configure tollerance area to get alert for poi, indication and wrong/correct path


Share tmt trails with your friends containing path, images and texts so they can enjoy and follow the same path

import/export gpx

You can export trails in tmt format or in gpx format. It is possible also import external gpx file


Use different sounds for different alert type you can easly understand if you are on the right way or not, if there is a Point Of Interest or an indication nearest.


Completly translable in other language. Acually the available language are: English, Italian, French, Deutesche, Spanish, Russian, Swedish

Trace My Trail Settings

Record Features

Add Poi

Map type

Use different google level map while you record your trail

follow me

You do not manually scroll around the map, the app will keep you centered on the screen at all times

poi / indication

Add multimedial Point Of Interest and indication with title, picture and description to mark your territory and guide your friend to have same trail experience.

live info

Top Panel with Live distance, altitude and time of trail


You can immediatly recovery a registration trail if you got crash without lose any grabbed picture or wrote text

background use

You can continue to register your track also in background and be free to use your phone, this will maximize the use of your phone

Play Features


Browse on map the complete path, got detail of each Point Of Interest and each indication

alert engine

A dedicated engine code is developped to alert the user when is near a poi or indication, when is going out from the original path and/or is coming back

map type

Use different google level map while you play your trail


Use different sounds for different alert type you can easly understand if you are on the right way or not, if there is a Point of interest or an indication nearest.

background use

You can continue to play a track in background and got alert for poi or indication while you are using your phone.

Play Trail