Altitude function

Now the app consider also the altitude value coming from the gps data, when u save the trail also the altitude value will be saved inside packet. This will give u the possibility to better understand the altitude level of your complete trail.

updated features

Gpx export/import

From this version is possible to export the track also in gpx format to share over the web. In this case with the track will be exported only the title and the text of each POI without considering images and indication points due to the limitation of this format. Of course you can also import any GPX just downloading it or opening directly on your device.

Save screen

Some screen of Trace My Trail are changing following the development of new features. Like the save screen fake rolex how to after you tracked your trail. We have activated the difficult field that will let you understand in advance the difficoult of the trail based on author experience.

Details Edit

Now is possible to post edit all the details of recorded or imported track. This will give you the possibility to have a better info for each trail.

New Features

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